A Place To Call Home In The Cliffs Communities

A Place To Call Home In The Cliffs Communities


Everyone that knows me, knows I have been enamored with interior design and architecture for as long as I can remember.  When I was a teenager, while other girls were reading “Seventeen” or “Cosmopolitan”, I was reading “Architectural Digest”.  I probably shouldn’t make that confession because it gives away the fact that I was born far before the digital age, and didn’t have the luxury of a seemingly endless parade of homes that the internet has to offer.  Or HGTV.  But one thing some of my friends may not know is how much I love photography as well.  It must be in the family genes, because my daughter loves it so much it became her passion and she is now a professional photographer.

Given that two of my passions are architecture and photography, you can imagine how much I admire shots like this.  Of course the home is stunning, but without the aerial shot showing the entire property, one would be cheated out of the overall view. Photographs like these are taken with drones, in case you didn’t know;  I never did until Belinda told me.  What an amazing time we are living in, that not only can homes like this be built, but we have the capability of capturing the entire beautiful package all at once.  And without having to get in an airplane!

At first glance, it’s easy to see that this is very nice home, and that the architect and the landscape designer worked well together.  But when you study the picture a little more, you notice all the details, from the standing seam metal turret roof to the custom wooden garage doors.  These elements blend together seamlessly, and being able to see them as one big picture, you get more of a feel of the home, rather than just a view.

This picture is a perfect example of what can be done when you assemble just the right team that is experienced and dedicated enough to pull this off.  It’s also a perfect example of why The Cliffs communities are so popular.  This home looks as if it was just nestled into a piece of the woods far from the rest of the world, while actually it is quite convenient to some of the finest dining, shopping and entertainment that Asheville, NC has to offer.

Beach houses are very nice, and many people dream of retiring to one some day, but for me, a little spot in the woods sounds like a perfect place to feel at home.  When I look at this picture, it makes me think of the all the possibilities of what can be accomplished if your heart is set on it.  What a beautiful place to call home.

– Nicole LaFond