Autumn: A Great Time to Build in the Mountains

Autumn: A Great Time to Build in the Mountains

Like most folks, this time of year can be very hectic; If you have children, getting them ready to go back to school can be challenging and stressful. And if your family loves to vacation over the summer, school starting back marks an end to that, despite the fact that summer isn’t really over yet. I think everyone is in agreement that by this time of year, we would all like a break from the intense heat. Autumn, with the cooler weather that it brings, and the majesty of trees turning vibrant golds, browns, oranges and reds just can’t come soon enough.

When I think of summer, I think of beach visits, amusement parks, sight-seeing, days at the lake. When I think of fall, my mind starts daydreaming of heading to the mountains and soaking up all the beauty of the foliage. A perfect day would be a sunny afternoon picnicking at a mountain lake, strolling through the woods with the sound of leaves crunching at your feet. A perfect night would be throwing on a favorite sweater or wrapping up in a soft blanket to gather around a fire pit with family and friends. Contentment comes easily simply being with the people that you love, enjoying the silence of the cool night air in concert with the sound of the crackling fire.

In my opinion, a Gabriel Builder home planted in a beautiful spot in one the The Cliffs Communities is pretty much the perfect place to be in Autumn. The higher elevations make the weather even better, and it feels like you can just breathe again after the stifling heat of summer. Winter is a time people look forward to as an opportunity to hibernate and get a little break from the world, while Fall is the time everyone wants to go and do and explore, knowing the beautiful transition of the leaves only lasts for a short time.

Obviously, all of Gabriel Builders’ homes are different, as they all are custom tailored to exactly what the client has in mind for their dream home. However, it seems like there are some features that tend to show up in almost all of their homes; Screened porches, maybe with an outdoor kitchen, or wide porches or verandas designed and placed to showcase the best possible mountain view. Fire pits are not uncommon, and the exposed wooden rafters, ceilings and stunning wooden floors that are oftentimes part of the design serve to warm the home and make decorating for fall very easy.

Autumn isn’t here yet, and we’re all still in action getting kids back to school and trying to squeeze in one last family get-away before summer is gone for good. It is right around the corner though, and if you are planning to build a dream mountain home. unfortunately it’s a little too late to accomplish that this year.

But think about what you could be looking forward to this same time next year if you started now. The possibilities are endless, if you can dream it up and put in on paper, Gabriel Builders will stop at nothing to execute just what you want. This time next year, you could be picking out a fall wreath to hang on your new front door, and finding the perfect pumpkin for your new porch steps. You wouldn’t have to go far because of the many local roadside stands that spring to life during this season, selling apples, homemade jams and of course, pumpkins.

Now THAT would be something to look forward to. So what are you waiting for?