Back to School: Greenville Makes Top College Town

Back to School: Greenville Makes Top College Town

Greenville has been making list after list lately. From the award-winning downtown area to the numerous national parks, this city offers a little bit of everything. The most recent list that Greenville has been place on? The Matador Network’s Best College Towns in the United States. Landing at number 3, the Upstate of South Carolina continues to impress.

The city is home to numerous colleges and universities and it’s no surprise why. Greenville is in a perfect location. Only an hour from the Nantahala National Forest (among many other state parks) and only about 4 hours from the coast, there is plenty of adventure. In addition, the vibrant downtown area boasts of incredible local art and music. Annual events like Artisphere and Euphoria, keep the city hopping. Furthermore, weekly happenings such as Saturday farmers markets on Main Street and brewery tours are always available.

Furman University - Greenville, SC


Furman University

Perhaps the most well-known college in Greenville is Furman University. Located just 15 minutes north of downtown, students have access to the whole city. Founded in 1826, Furman is internationally known for its beauty. The 750-acre campus is ranked as the top liberal arts university in the state. With NCAA Division I athletics and enhanced scholarly activity, it is no wonder why the university ranks so high.

Greenville Technical College

Greenville Tech has five different locations, making it easy for students to accommodate their class time into their schedules. With strong classroom instruction and hands-on learning, the college is a great local opportunity for higher learning. Greenville Tech has a large influence in the local community and continues to give back.

Bob Jones University

At ninety years old, Bob Jones University is the third most affordable Christian college. It boasts of a vibrant, Christian community full of rich experiences throughout the college years. The university strives to broaden the horizons of students through a liberal arts and fine arts education. To make it even better, the college is only 7 minutes from downtown Greenville!

Bob Jones University - Greenville, SC

Source: Photo: Dan Calnon

North Greenville University

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Greenville University is a beautiful, private liberal arts institution. In addition to the the scenic mountain views, the school has been recognized in multiple capacities. Less than 20 miles from downtown Greenville, the university is a big part of its community. Forbes has named NGU as one of America’s top colleges.

In conclusion, Greenville has proven to be a great location for colleges and universities. These four institutions are just a few examples of higher education opportunities in the Upstate. With a total of 20 colleges and universities, this city is a great example of what a college town should be like! It’s yet another reason why we love Greenville, South Carolina.

North Greenville University - Greenville, SC


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