Cool, Calm, Collected… and the Carolinas

Can we just talk about autumn in the Carolinas for a minute? This week has finally felt like fall. The weather has been cooler and I have been able to break out my sweaters and boots! In my personal opinion, the fall season is one of the most beautiful here in the Upstate. The colors are vibrant and the temperature is cool but not too cold. The best part about living in this area is that the mountains are our next door neighbors. With just a quick drive, you can go from the city to a scenic place that will take your breath away.

This weekend, I would definitely encourage you to get outside and explore. There are so many places to go and it’s not just limited to the Upstate. If you are up for it, head on up a little further to North Carolina or Tennessee. The Blue Ridge parkway is always a good go-to spot and one of my personal favorites. Make your adventure special with a picnic lunch and furry friend. You know how much we love our dogs at Gabriel! Or, hit up a local restaurant and get a taste for the area. If you are feeling something a little more classy, take a trip to a vineyard. A good view with a glass of wine is a great combination!

God has given us such beautiful creation to enjoy. It still blows my mind how much detail went in to creating everything we see on this earth. Take the time this weekend to slow down and enjoy what is around you. We have so much to be thankful for. Also, don’t forget that the holiday season is right around the corner. Now is the time to relax and prepare for what is ahead. So here is your excuse to take a mini vacation this weekend. You’ll thank me later!