Custom Features for Custom Homes

Custom Features for Custom Homes

It goes without saying that the primary reason an individual chooses to take on the challenge of building a custom home, is so that they can design it to their exact taste, and be able to incorporate special areas of the house that are suited to their lifestyle.  Sometimes kitchen counters are made at a custom height, depending on the height of the homeowner.  Same thing with appliances.  If you have an elderly member in your family you would want to create a staircase that would be easier to use by creating the staircase wide enough to comfortably accommodate a lift on the staircase wall.  If you have a handicapped person in the family, you might want to install an elevator and maybe a ramp.  A feature such as a ramp, would be designed to flow with the floor plan and architecture so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, unlike if you had to retrofit it into an existing house.  The point is, by choosing to design your own home from the ground up, you have the opportunity to make it exactly suit you and your family’s needs.  There’s a reason it’s called “Custom”.

These days, people are really thinking outside the box with their requests for their builders, and I think it’s wonderful that this has become a trend.  A house should not only be beautiful, but it should be designed with the homeowner’s lifestyle in mind.

Gabriel Builders recently completed a home Belle Terre that incorporated a dog wash.  I think this is just brilliant because everyone can agree that bathing your pooch is not always the funnest task, and for me personally, would be a back-breaker having to bend over to do everything.

Gus and Belinda are definitely a dog family, and they are going to be including the same type of dog wash in their new Design Center and condo that is currently under construction at the moment.   It is such a great idea, and with America’s love of dogs or even pets in general, chances are that an unusual feature such as this would not only not be an advantage  if or when it came time to sell, it is likely it could be the one unique luxury that stands apart from the rest of the houses on the market, and would actually become a selling feature.  Odds are prospective buyers down the road will have at least one pet.

Typically, when people build their dream home with Gabriel Builders, they don’t have any intention of selling it once it is completed;  However,  every smart home buyer has to always consider the resale-ability even if there is no plan to sell it.  The design team at Gabriel Builders will help you choose custom features that would only enhance the quality of your home, not detract from it.  And in the planning and designing stages, they may even be able to offer some suggestions of some custom features based on your family’s needs you may not have already thought of.  They will be able to do this because they get to know their clients as people, not customers.  When you build with Gabriel Builders, you aren’t just hiring a large impersonal company that builds your home through messages and conference calls from an office far away, you are hiring a family owned and operated business that is completely hands on with every aspect of the job.  By operating this way, the Rubio’s get to know their clients personally, and oftentimes end up with friends long after the job is over.  It’s just one of the many things that sets Gabriel Builders apart from the rest.

– Nicole LaFond