Functional Space for Furry Friends

Functional Space for Furry Friends

Here at Gabriel Builders, we have a special place in our hearts for our furry friends. You can often find two of the cutest dogs in the world (we may be a little bit biased) in our office. Pets are family and when we build homes, we take that into consideration. There are so many easy ways to make your home comfortable for your four-legged friend without giving up your interior’s look.

An easy way to make both you and your pet happy is by making sure they have a proper space. With a comfy nook to snuggle up in, they can stay out of your hair when you are busy. Take your interior décor into consideration when purchasing a bed. There are countless options to choose from when it comes to bedding. You can find something that will both look good in your home and be suitable for your fuzzy loved one.

Another fun way to accent your home is a fun mat to put under their food and water bowls. You can get as creative as you want with the colors and patterns. Mats also have the bonus effect of keeping the doggie dining area a little cleaner and more organized.

Take it one step further, and get some fun bowls for your pet. Little details like this can make you feel better about your home’s appearance. We guarantee your furry friend will love it too.

Pet food and treats can also be a good excuse to buy some fun storage pieces. Head to your local home goods store and you will be sure to find cool bins to store dog food. You can also find cute canisters for dog treats. Containers compliment what you already have in your home all while giving a cleaner look.

All of these pet-friendly ideas put the word fun in functional. These concepts are perfect to compliment your interior design and your four-legged best friend will thank you.

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