Gabriel Builders Celebrates 35 Years!

Gabriel Builders Celebrates 35 Years!

Humble Beginnings

Gabriel Builders, Inc., founded by Gus and Belinda Rubio in 1984, is celebrating 35 years this year. Named after their oldest son, the Rubios have cultivated an award-winning company that holds quality and integrity to the highest of levels. Gus Rubio first developed an interest in home building when he worked construction jobs during his college vacations. After graduating from Furman University with a business degree, Gus began his career as a quality control manager for a Fortune 100 company while continuing to remodel rental properties on the side. When he was ready to delve into home construction full-time, that “culture of quality” remained as part of his character and has played a large role in developing what the company is today.  


Gabriel Builders has received over 50 state and national awards over the last 35 years. Included in those awards is the NAHB National Custom Home Builder of the Year, which the firm received in 2014. Among Gabriel’s past clientele have been over 50 company presidents and CEO’s, 4 architects, professional athletes and political figures. Gabriel Builders has been part of the Cliffs preferred builder program since its conception in the 90s. The company offers a turnkey solution to custom home building with their residential design department and interior design company, Lauren Heather Design Studio 

 “Determination, integrity, vision and miraculous are the words I would use to describe our 35 years in business. I admire my husband for having a strong work ethic and the vision to never give up. His sense of humor even when things were very hard and his trust in God has helped us endure and succeed in this business. I’m very thankful for all of the dedicated employees that work hard to keep Gabriel Builders in the forefront, for all of the wonderful customers we have been able to work with and call friends, and for our sons, Gabe and Nick, who work with us each day. It has truly been an incredible business of building exceptional homes and making lifelong friends! Designing and creating homes for families to enjoy and flourish in is more than an occupation; it’s an opportunity to leave something tangible in our beautiful part of the country that families will use for generations,” says Belinda Rubio. 

Happy Birthday Gabriel Builders! 🎉

In May, Gabriel Builders celebrated it’s 35th anniversary by celebrating with friends, family, clients, vendors and many more! The event was held at their office and showroom in Travelers Rest and made for a beautiful evening.

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