Green With Envy

Fall is quickly approaching and that means that new trends are on their way with it. Sometimes it is good to refresh your home with some different accent pieces and keep things up to date. While we cannot always afford to spruce things up for every season, there are some little things we can change. For example, switching out throw pillows can easily transform your living room or bedroom. You can add some new picture frames or a new mirror that has a unique shape. There are endless, affordable options to refresh and renew your space.

The fall season is bringing in a fresh new color for our palettes. Emerald green is taking the autumn trends by storm and we love it! As a result, this rich green is the perfect color to accent any room. If you have a neutral space, there are endless options when using a color like this. You can literally put it anywhere. It is best to just add little pops of this color here and there. If you add too much, it can get overwhelming since it is a such a vibrant shade.

If you are really feeling bold, paint your kitchen cabinets or an accent wall! A fresh coat of paint always looks good and your friends will be jealous of your adventurous choice. If you still want to make a bold statement but don’t want to change with the cosmetics of your house, then not to worry!  An emerald green chair or couch will do the trick. It will be noticeable enough to catch everyone’s attention but easy to change out when you are ready.

It is always fun to spruce up your home and make it unique. With the season’s changing it is the perfect time to switch things up and give your home a little pop of personality. We love this fall’s color of emerald green. It is the perfect way to add some color and still keep things fresh.