Greenville: Where Southern Charm Meets Big Dreams

Greenville: Where Southern Charm Meets Big Dreams

A few short years ago, our beloved city was featured in Garden and Gun. Labeled as “the hippest little city in South Carolina”, Greenville painted a beautiful picture in this article. The article’s author, Ashley Warlick, has personal ties to the Southern town. In addition to a detailed description of Greenville, the city portrait tells the unique history and future of our suburb. Though the story was published in 2011, it still rings true today. The seasons of change have not ceased over the last 6 years as Greenville continues to grow.

Wyche Pavilion in Greenville, SC

Wyche Pavilion in Downtown Greenville, SC. Photographer: Kevin Ruck

The Big Feel of a Small Town

Don’t be scared off by the growth. This city has figured out how to expand without losing the small town feel. Locals who have been here for generations and new residents coexist in the most beautiful of ways. We all claim Greenville as home no matter what our story. That’s just how this place makes you feel. Garden and Gun hit it right on the nose.

There is a reason that people are moving here from right and left. Obviously, this has been a trend for the last several years and it is easy to see why. Greenville is full of Southern charm and hidden gems. Not to mention, it has a history so rich that even some of the locals don’t know everything. Places like the Wyche Pavilion and the Taylors Mill bring old stories to life for new generations.

Community and Charisma

In addition to its immense history, Greenville’s present community is thriving like no other. With numerous annual events and weekly happenings, there is always something to do. Furthermore, the location of the city itself makes it easy to make quick trips to surrounding areas. It just so happens that Greenville is situated right in between Atlanta and Charlotte. Therefore, you can easily access events and restaurants from all over either in the heart of downtown Greenville or in a neighboring city.

Local events like the Saturday Market on Main Street and Greenville Drive baseball games at Fluor Field allow for the whole city to come together. Boutique shops on the streets of downtown and amazing eateries scattered throughout make for a relaxing stroll along the quaint streets.

TD Saturday Market in Greenville, SC


No matter what year it is, our local community continues to exceed all expectations. From 2011 to 2017, not much has changed. We continue to grow and improve. In addition, the attraction of newcomers from all over keep us moving in the right direction. As we continue to build in this area, we could not be more proud of how far it has come. With the Carolinas’ beauty and Greenville’s charm, this city could not get any greater.

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