Keep Calm, Stay Organized

Keep Calm, Stay Organized

It is always beneficial to stay organized. However, we all know that that is easier said than done. One of the hardest places to keep clutter free is the closet. It seems like no matter how hard you try it just won’t stay clean!

One of the easiest ways to get started is to get rid of old clothes. Find the clothes that are out-dated or haven’t been worn in a while and toss them. Remember, if you can’t see your clothes, you won’t wear them!

Next up on the list is storage. In order to have a clutter free space, every item must have a home. Head over to your local Target and grab some storage containers. Another option is to put in more shelving.

Once you have cleaned out old clothes and given yourself more storage, it is time to organize. Starting with tops, hang everything if it is possible. As for sweaters, those are best folded and tucked away on a shelf. In order to protect your wool and cashmere, use cedar to ward off moths.

Moving on to jeans, this is where you can add your own personal flair. You can organize by brand or style. One of the best ways to organize them is to hang them by the hem from dark to light denim. Next, we have pants, skirts, and shorts. Clips are the perfect tool for hanging these items. Fold the garments inward so that the clips do not mark the outside of the clothing.

Dresses are a whole other ball game. You can hang dresses by length, color, or season. It is really up to you and what you would prefer. However, experts recommend hanging by color. In order to preserve your dresses, always remember to take them out of the dry cleaner bags. The harsh chemicals from dry cleaning can cause damage to your clothing.

Last but not least, it is time to organize shoes. Position them with the right shoe toe out and the left shoe heel out. As a result, you can see exactly what you’re working with when picking out an outfit.

Organizing your closet is not as daunting as one might expect. Take a deep breath, get started, and in no time you will have the closet space of your dreams!