The Cliffs at Lake Keowee, Sunset SC

Our Process

Gabriel Builders’ custom home building process is much more than just the construction of your new home. We believe that the end product should be as enjoyable as the journey. Ask any of our customers and they will tell you that the pre-process is just as important as the building process. Our extensive legacy and storied history, level of experience and craftsmanship, award-winning architectural design and long-term commitment to customer service has helped us to master the luxury home-building process.

After 30 years of refinement and dedication from start to finish, our process puts your needs, tastes and lifestyle at the forefront of your new home’s construction.

Step 1 • Assembly of a Team

The start of the process is just as important as the final phase, the right team can make all the difference. Whether utilizing our in-house designers or collaborating with other design professionals, we work with you to establish the best team to make your project successful from the beginning.

Step 2 • Design Development

A good project starts with a good set of plans and learn as much about you as possible. The design phase, is typically 3-6 months we establish a full lot analysis. Through collaboration, conceptual designs are developed and a budget is established to help determine materials and provide alternate construction methods.

Step 3 • Design & Pricing

During the design and pricing phases, we work with you to establish an understanding of your dream and how we can help make it work with your budget. Gabriel Builders, designers, and architects will all collaborate to bring your vision to life.

Step 4 • Contract, Schedule and Communication

During this phase, your Project Manager will guide you through the blueprint of the process – from contracts, payment structure, construction schedule and selections process. At the same time, you will meet with our supply partners to shop for your allowance based items, pick out finishings and our communication expectations and process is set forward.

Step 5 • Celebration and Building Process

Enjoy the excitement as your home is marked, poured and skillfully constructed! Throughout the construction phase, you will be kept involved with consistent communication, progress updates, and onsite milestone meetings.

Step 6 • Implementation of the Quality System

This is what sets Gabriel Builders apart, it’s what we are known for. You will see our quality standards guarantee, highly detailed punch list, detailed specifications written to trade contractors, and you can go on a construction tour with a Gabriel superintendent.

Step 7 • Warranty & Beyond

Once you become a Gabriel Builders’ client our commitment extends well beyond the build phase and we hope to cultivate a lifelong relationship in the process. We will always be happy to assist you in anyway we can – not just during the warranty period.

Because of our excellent craftsmanship and all-encompassing service, we have customers who come back to us for multiple projects and are quick to give us a good referral. At Gabriel Builders’, we are confident that you will have an equally amazing experience, and we look forward to working with you!

Want to see what people think of our process and work? View our testimonials on the Home page or on the Gallery page.



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