Our Team

Teamwork That Drives Unstoppable Success


Gus Rubio


Belinda Rubio

Executive Vice President

Residential Design

Richie Martin

Vice President, Residential Design

Matt Phillips

Manager, Residential Design

John Biggs

Residential Design Project Manager

Jaimie Rodriguez

Residential Design Drafter

Ashelyn Ramos

Residential Design Coordinator

Build Team

Gabe Rubio

Vice President, Construction and Quality Control

Nick Rubio

Construction Manager

Mike Pudlik

Senior Project Manager

Dino Viscosi

Senior Project Manager

Maurizio Ferro

Senior Project Manager

Brian Herbert

Senior Project Manager

Mike Robertson

Senior Project Manager

Patrick Bush

Senior Project Manager

Mike Roddey

Project Manager

Jeff Kolota

Project Manager

Barrett Lail

Project Manager

Scott Bradford

Project Manager

Aaron Joyal

Project Manager

Matt Davis

Project Manager Assistant

Mike Hartman

Warranty Manager

Andy Ennis

Trim Carpenter

Evan Farner

Lead Project Superintendent

Bryan Pittman

Project Superintendent

Nick Doughty

Project Superintendent

Garrett Farner

Project Superintendent

Mason Estes

Project Superintendent

Landscape Design

David Van De Water

Director, Landscape Design

Todd Goucher

Landscape Design Associate, Drafter

Drew Williams

Landscape Design Project Manager

LH Design Studio

Patricia Walpole

Senior Interior Designer & Studio Manager

Erin Gillig

Senior Interior Designer & Lead Designer

Kristen Schroeder

Senior Interior Designer

Jennifer Williams

Interior Designer/Cabinet Specialist

Peden Wright

Interior Designer

Olivia Coates

Junior Interior Designer and Drafter

Emily Stevens

Junior Interior Designer

Savanna Morris

Logistics and Asset Manager


Beth Lindgren

Director of Accounting

Holly Evans

Accounting Manager

Randy Brown

Accounting Clerk

Helen Hinton

LH Design Studio Accountant


Emily Dymski

Director of Internal Operations

Michelle King

Human Resources Manager

Rae Holcombe

Payroll and Benefits Administrator

Emily Koenig

Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

Zac Koenig

Director of Purchasing

Bryan Rice

Director of Information Technology

Tristan Callahan

Support Engineer

Gabriel Builders’ success is due to its incredible team of talented people who are dedicated to quality work that they take pride in. We’re driven by a shared passion for beauty, attention to detail, and a focus on relationships that makes us unstoppable as a team.

While our work ethic is unparalleled, we also believe in work-life balance and having fun. Our culture is collaborative, and we encourage everyone to bring their ideas to the table. Not content to sit on our laurels, we’re continually setting new goals for innovation and for delighting our clients even further.

We don’t only take care of our clients. We also take care of one another. We often share lunch together, host events to celebrate personal milestones, and simply enjoy one another’s company as friends. We support one another wholeheartedly.