Outdoor Living Spaces: Our Must-Haves and Things to Consider

Outdoor Living Spaces: Our Must-Haves and Things to Consider

With the warm weather in full swing and the sunshine making a regular appearance, we are spending more and more time in nature. Right now, social distancing is the new norm and having a great outdoor space as an escape is more important than ever. So, with that said, we have put together some of our top tips for creating the perfect outdoor living space!

Chillin’ & Grillin’ Porch - Elegant Manor in Greenville, SC

One of our must-haves is a good outdoor kitchen space. Take grilling to the next level with a full cooking station right in your own backyard! This is also a great way to bring the whole family together. You can fire up the grill while the kids or grandkids play, enjoy the beautiful weather, and eat dinner while watching the sun sets. Have we convinced you yet?!

If I were planning an outdoor kitchen space for my family, I would first consult a contractor that has a lot of experience both planning and building outdoor living spaces. A large, functional outdoor cabinet would house a Primo XL Oval grill.  A Lynx gas grill and rotisserie would also be a must!

Gabe Rubio, Director of Construction and Quality

Back Pool - Elegant Manor in Greenville, SC

Bring the Heat

Of course, no outdoor living space is complete without a fire pit it’s one of the best way to end a summer night. Sit back, relax, roast some hot dogs and indulge in some perfectly melted s’mores. Some of the best memories happen around a fire and it’s definitely one of our favorite additions to an outdoor space

In my mind, a must have when you’re building at the lake is a fire pit with a view of the water and big Adirondack chairs. There’s something about a fire with a view that brings people together.

Nick Rubio, Project Manager

Porch Sitting

Perhaps one of the most fool-proof ways to enjoy nature is by adding on a spacious porch to your home. The majority of our clients include at least one porch when building their handcrafted home! This way, you can enjoy the fresh air no matter what the weather is like. We love sitting on a porch listening to the summer rain fall around us or using it for some nice shade on a sunny day.

In the south, unpredictable weather and pesky mosquitos can go hand in hand. A must have for our clients are these bug blocking Phantom Screens that you can easily have up or down with a click of a button. These are designed in an aesthetically pleasing way to disappear when you are not using them to not obstruct any views.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

We all know that there will come a day when it’s too rainy to go outside. So, when planning your new outside space, make sure to think about how you will run your power, water, and gas lines early on in the build. This will make an impact in the functionality of your outdoor area and help you plan ahead! It’s also important to consider some of the more logistical additions to make your space more enjoyable:

My wish-list would include a misting system to keep insects & mosquitos away.  I would also consider how storm water will flow… it may be necessary to install an underground drainage system in order to control runoff.  This could be as simple as a small floor drain inside the fire-pit or custom trench drains surrounding the new outdoor space.

-Gabe Rubio


All in all, including an outdoor oasis when building or adding on to your home, is a decision you won’t regret! Especially in the beautiful landscape of the Carolinas. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our feature gallery to see some of our clients’ beautiful outdoor living spaces.

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