Pumpkins and Porch Perfection

Pumpkins and Porch Perfection

Even though the weather is still warm, fall festivities and decorations are approaching. The best place to start decorating for the upcoming season is your front porch. It is the first thing guests see as they walk in, and the last thing they see when they leave. When enhancing a space, less is more.

To start, come up with an idea of what look you are going for. Do you want to stay in traditional autumn color palettes or be a little more bold? Do you want a classic look or something a little more down to earth? The most important thing to keep in mind is making it your own. Do not be afraid to show your personality and make it unique.

Pumpkins are always a great go-to for fall decorating. You can use the traditional orange pumpkin or spruce it up using some metallic or white paint. It is best to decorate for the entire autumn season, not just the holidays. You can always add in Halloween decor later!

Flowers are the perfect compliment to your pumpkins. You can use them to add in another pop of color, or keep them neutral and let your pumpkins do the talking. There is nothing like fresh florals to accent the front of your home.

Make your porch cozy! Fall is all about comfy sweaters, cool nights, and warm cups of coffee and apple cider. If your porch reflects that, then you have perfected the perfect fall porch! If you have seating options at your door, add some fluffy pillows or blankets. These will give your entrance a softer look and give an overall feel of warmth.

There are so many directions you can go with your fall porch decor. Make it your own and keep it creative! Your guests will feel more welcome than ever and you will be in love with your new space. Happy Fall!