Scents That Make Sense

Scents That Make Sense

The colder weather is on its way and unfortunately, sickness comes with it hand in hand. One particular sickness solution is catching the attention of more and more people. The solution you may ask? Essential oils. These natural concoctions are quickly becoming more and more popular and are a great way to ward off sickness, but that’s not all they can do!

Essential oils are derived from plants and then distilled from flowers, roots, stems and leaves. They are completely natural and are a great resource as opposed to other synthetic options. They are great for health reasons and they can also be used for cooking and cleaning. The best part? They smell amazing!

Essential oils may seem like foreign territory, but rest assured they are very easy to use. There are a couple of different ways to utilize them. First is aromatherapy which is as simple as opening the bottle. After inhaling a few times the oils will start to work their magic by stimulating your nose’s smell receptors. If you want to, you can take it one step further by using a diffuser. It creates a great aroma in the room so you can smell your scent of choice all day long.

Using essential oils topically is also an option. This method is great for skin irritations, pain, or soothing and cooling purposes. A good trick is to apply the oil to the bottom of your foot. That part of your skin isn’t as sensitive to the oil itself and it still absorbs quickly.

Now, where do you begin with buying essential oils? It does depend on what you are trying to solve or improve. However, there are a few that are always good to have on hand. Lavender, for example, is a good go to for calming properties. It helps you sleep, can take the sting out of bug bites and even help relieve headaches.

If you have respiratory issues eucalyptus oil is great for opening up your airways. With antimicrobial properties, it is also a fantastic oil to clean with. Last but not least, is lemon oil. This is the perfect option for the colder season. Not only does it get the gunk off surfaces in your home, it also does wonders for congestion. Add in a drop of honey and it can also sooth a sore, dry throat.

There is no wrong way to incorporate essential oils. With thousands of different kinds available, its a great alternative to synthetic products. Why use harsh chemicals and strong medicines when it may be possible to get the same affect from natural products? You can keep your family healthy and your home smelling great all at the same time.