Summer Sensation: A Guide to Outdoor Spaces ☀️

Summer Sensation: A Guide to Outdoor Spaces ☀️

How is it already August?! Late nights under the stars and sunny days by the pool are a daily occurrence and we are not complaining! Now, while we can’t spend our entire summer in “vacation mode”, we can certainly try. Outdoor living spaces are the perfect way to unwind with a mojito (or two…) after a long, hot day. Not only can these spaces be beautiful and relaxing, they can be functional and family-friendly as well. Creating a getaway right in your own backyard is the perfect solution for spending your ENTIRE summer on vacation. 😎

Play Meets Purpose

The most obvious solution to creating an oasis in your backyard is water. From a good old-fashioned pool to a spectacularly unique water feature, the choice is yours. Or maybe, a pool WITH a water feature! Now we’re talking. During the day, the kids can splash around and have their friends over and at night it can be the perfect spot for dinner and drinks with friends. Regardless, a luxury pool setting with some fountains is a great way to spice up your outdoor living space while still meeting all your needs.

Open Sesame

The more you can make your indoor and outdoor spaces flow together, the better. A seamless transition through both living areas will create the breezy island-feel you’ve been wishing for. Sliding glass and retractable doors are great solutions for opening up the area. It makes your home feel bigger and brighter as it flows to the outside.

Pool House Furniture - Belle Terre in Simpsonville, SC

Pool House – Belle Terre in Simpsonville, SC

The Color Wheel

Summer is notoriously bright and bold. So now, you have an excuse to try out that pop of red or funky pattern you’ve been talking yourself out of. Outdoor living areas are all about having fun! Mixed with nature’s color palette, a bold pop of color will be the perfect accent to bring your space to life. Or, if you want to let the view and serenity of your backyard retreat shine, go with a classic, neutral look to go for that ultimate environment of relaxation.

No matter what your taste, creating the perfect escape for the summer is a breeze. From having the family over for an afternoon swim to being named entertainer of the year for your fabulous poolside dinner parties, you can’t go wrong with outdoor living. 🌴

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