Take the Stairs: It’s a Dog’s World

Being innovative is often the key to success. Coming up with new ideas and putting them into place can be both challenging and fun. When you are building a home, there is a lot of room for being creative. It is a process that requires time and thought. One of the best ways to add character to a home is to add things that people would not normally expect. For example, utilizing the area underneath the stairs is the perfect way to accomplish individuality. So, when it came time to decide what to do with this particular space in the new office, we knew exactly what to do: give it to the dogs.

In the Gabriel Builders office, it’s no secret that our dogs, Moose and Tibi, are our top priority. I mean, how can you deny those sweet faces anything? So, when we started building our office, we decided to give them their own little room under our stairs.

Moose is our rambunctious one. He’s constantly making friends and exploring all three floors of our building. You will often see him running around and trying to get Tibi to join in on the fun. Tibi, on the other hand, is our sweet little girl. She is currently sporting a purple dyed tail from her latest trip to the groomers. Ignoring Moose’s antics, she likes to relax and enjoy life. Constantly by Belinda’s side, these two pups are the best of friends.

There are many other options to use the room under your stairs. However, we know that we made the right decision by putting the doghouse in. We have no idea what we would ever do without Moose and Tibi! They complete the Gabriel Builders family and put a smile on everyone’s faces.