Senior Interior Designer

Raised an artist and a competitive equestrian, Amber’s unique educational, personal and professional background shape her design perspective. Combining the passion and technical pursuit of perfection cultivated as a rider with the creativity and crafted vision of an artist, she found her home in design – a discipline that requires both.

She believes great design is driven by each client’s story. Her ability to envision a space, create custom pieces to fill it and put pen to paper to show her clients the concept gives those clients a seamless experience with endless possibilities. She believes the most beautiful spaces are found at the intersection of the art and science of design.

Amber joined LH with almost a decade of experience in residential, hospitality and health care design. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing, with a minor in animal and veterinary science, from Clemson University and a Master of Fine Arts in interior design from Florida State University. She resides near Greenville’s downtown with her husband, Michael, and three children, Rory Beth, Eli and Rowyn.

What I love most about design?

I design because I love being able to create a new space every single day! Each client brings a new creative journey and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to work with them to make their dream home a reality. From the start of my career I have been fascinated by kitchen design and thrive when working on the space that many call the heart of the home. I hope my passion for design creates a build process that is a fun and rewarding experience for each of my clients!