The Gabriel Design Center is Taking Shape

The Gabriel Design Center is Taking Shape

The new office and design center has already been well under way for some time, and it is starting to generate a lot of interest from people both aware of the project, as well as those that have driven by and wondered what intriguing construction was going on. Last week The Cliffs did a beautiful job providing an update to the project that answers a lot of questions for those that are interested. Rather than repeat what they said, I’ll share it if you care to read.

I’m kind of chomping at the bit to start seeing the interiors start to take shape so I can share it with you, because I know enough about what amazing design elements and quality products are going to be going into this. Not only will the exterior be impressive, but what it will hold inside will be equally so. As you can see from the article, some of the biggest names in luxury appliances and high end design materials will be featured throughout the three story complex, which for now is being referred to as The Gabriel Design Center. When it is completed, this unique building will be an incredible one-stop-shop for designing your next home with Gabriel Builders, and give everyone a chance to actually see and touch some of the many design options that are possible, that have previously only been able to be seen online or in design catalogs. The whole building is going to be stunning, but my main focus is seeing the living quarters for the Rubios that is being crafted on the third floor. I have always been a loft design aficionado, and to be able to have that feeling in such a serene and magnificent mountain community with stunning long range views, rather than in the middle of a crowded city, seems like a dream combination. To me at least.

When talking to Belinda this week, I think the top of the list I’m dying to see is the home theater that is planned for the second floor. It is being housed on the second floor because their intent is for the theater to not just be a private theater for them, but be accessible for the trade partners, vendors, and even lend itself to satellite services for their church. I’m also told it will no doubt also hold a Superbowl party or two.

In keeping with the Italian Theme, no detail will be overlooked to provide as much attention to detail to reflect that. Next week I plan on giving a sneak peek at those details to give you an idea of what it will look like when they are finished. I’m already looking forward to chilling out in it myself. She’s probably going to have a hard time kicking me out. 😉

This place is going to really be something to see, and I’m anxious to bring you more details. I plan to start a series on the Gabriel Builders Facebook page to provide updates when things start really changing from week to week, and with only 6 months left before the projected date of completion, I know from personal experience things are about to start changing quickly.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates, you won’t be disappointed!