Tying the Knot: The Inseparable Bond Between a Structure and Its Location

Tying the Knot: The Inseparable Bond Between a Structure and Its Location


The characteristics of a structure come to life in the midst of its surroundings. It is not just about the building itself. It is about the personality of the property and the building coming together as one to create a one of a kind relationship.

With wedding season in full swing, bridal parties have their work cut out for them. The venue and its location is often the first thing the couple thinks of when they start to plan for their big day. This is an extremely important decision to make because it sets the mood for the entire event.

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful locations in the Upstate is the Glassy Mountain Chapel. This is such a unique spot, as it happens to sit right on the edge of the mountain.

Located at The Cliffs at Glassy, it is the perfect destination for couples desiring a more intimate feel. The windows that trace the outline of the chapel allow for light to spill in and create a glow unlike anything you have ever seen.

Building is like marriage. You start with the foundation of the great outdoors and build from the ground up to create something that will last for years to come. In marriage, two people unite as one to become something better than before. They compliment each other.

The Glassy Mountain Chapel is a perfect example of how the property on which a structure is built can enhance the building’s features. The chapel is a work of art in itself and the mountain provides a breath taking view that could capture anyone’s attention. Their individual features can stand on their own, but by tying the knot between the two, a match made in heaven is formed.

The bond between a structure and its location is so important. When you combine these two you don’t just create a building. You create a work of art. You create something that will stand the test of time.