Walkin’ On Sunshine: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living

Walkin’ On Sunshine: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living

As the weather is warming up and summer activity is coming to life, outdoor living spaces are becoming the go-to destination for entertaining. With Memorial Day fast approaching, we are coming closer and closer to the nights filled with barbecues and pool parties. Summer is the perfect time to slow down. The days are longer and everything seems to be a little bit sweeter down here in the South.

Unfortunately, we cannot spend all three months of summer on vacation (though we wish we could!). That’s where an outdoor living area comes into play. It provides the perfect getaway right in your backyard. The key to creating the perfect living space is to make it congruent with your landscape. Whether you live in the mountains, lake, city suburbs or the coast, there are endless options for outdoor living. Working with the land is crucial. Instead of trying to bring the outside in, bring the inside out! There are so many different ways to design this space.

Features with a Purpose

A pool or water feature is perfect for both you and the kids. During the day, they can splash around, cool off, and have fun. At night, it can transform into a serene centerpiece for that dinner party you’ve been meaning to plan. In the same way, a fire pit is the perfect element for making s’mores but also sets the mood for relaxing underneath the stars. A porch setting with some rocking chairs is perfect for swapping stories through the generations.

Go With the Flow

Congruency and consistency are key. The more you can make your indoor and outdoor spaces flow together, the better. This can be achieved by using the same flooring in the transition from inside to out or by keeping an open floor plan. Sliding glass and retractable doors are great solutions for opening up the area. It makes your home feel bigger and provides a smooth transition through both spaces.

Bold is Beautiful

One of the best parts about outdoor living is that you can make it as bold and colorful as you like. So have fun! Especially during the summer months, the bright colors make the space more exciting and playful. You don’t have to worry about light, neutral colors looking dirty over time or getting ruined from spilled drinks and bad weather. Mixed with nature’s color palette, a pop of color will bring your outdoor living space to life.

With an array of options, you can make your outdoor living area as simple or as complex as you want. Creating the perfect outdoor living space will be something that your family and friends can enjoy for the months and years to come. With the weather warming up, this is the perfect time to transform your backyard into the perfect destination for relaxation and entertainment.

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