Interior design should be fluid, functional, and inspirational. It should envelop your senses without being imposing.

Interior Design Services

The interior and exterior of your home should flow seamlessly, capturing the imagination with beauty as you come up the drive and extending the vision as you walk through the front door.

Our sister company, LH Design Studio, is a high-end interior design firm made up of an elite team of interior designers. Just like Gabriel Builders, LH Design Studio is rooted in a client-centric approach. Their focus is to design a space that is a true reflection of the people living in it.  Whether you are starting from scratch or are renovating an existing space, we provide full-service interior design and full-scale renovation services to meet your needs.

Once you meet them, you won’t feel the need to search any further for your perfect builder! It’ll be a ‘one stop shop’ from recommendations for architects, design firms, and all of the other professionals you will need during your building process. And, have no fear! If you already have the rest of your team put together, they will LOVE meeting and working with Gabriel Builders, that is, of course, if they haven’t already! And if they have already worked with them, trust me, they will thank you for bringing them on board!

The Whipple Residence – The Cliffs at Mountain Park

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Beauty is in the Details

Our philosophy is “Let the details speak.” Details capture interest and subtly communicate. Your personality, interests, and passions can all be shared through the artistry of interior design. We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere and take you everywhere.

Collaboration Creates a Tailored Result

Our approach is centered around you and your vision for your home. From there, the LH design team partners with your build team and Nicholas James Fine Woodworking to choreograph an exceptional design.

Enjoy the Journey

Design should be fun! From concept to completion, we manage every aspect of the design process for you, providing a smooth experience that you can enjoy. Grounded in our core beliefs and built around the principles of quality design and craftsmanship, our goal is to delight you every step of the way.