Bryan Rice

Director of Information Technology

Bryan was born and raised in the idyllic landscapes of northeast Pennsylvania, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for hard work and a love for farming. In 1993, he embarked on a new chapter, relocating to Simpsonville, South Carolina, where he has since rooted himself in the vibrant community.

With a passion for technology ignited in the early 80s, Bryan’s career trajectory has been as dynamic as the field itself. Transitioning from technology to accounting in the mid-80s, he ventured into manufacturing system implementations in the early 90s before delving into deep IT technology systems in the late 90s. Bryan’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to found and successfully exit three technology firms, each contributing to his wealth of experience in business process development and financial integration.

Bryan’s personal life is equally rich and fulfilling. Married to Penny for over 33 years, their two daughters, one pursuing her career at Greenville Tech while the other embarks on her freshman journey at Clemson University, bring endless pride and joy to their lives.

Education has always been a cornerstone of Bryan’s journey, earning a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Ithaca College and pursuing a partial MBA from Cornell University. An accomplished athlete, Brian’s prowess as an All-American swimmer reflects his commitment to excellence and discipline.

With over 35 years of experience spanning accounting, manufacturing, and technology, Bryan approaches each day with enthusiasm for the unique challenges it brings. His ability to embrace constant change and navigate diverse landscapes with poise and determination sets him apart.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Brian finds solace and joy in various pursuits. From invigorating workouts to embarking on golf trips, chasing the finest breweries, and indulging in culinary delights, Bryan’s zest for life knows no bounds.
Favorite Quote
You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. – CS Lews