Mike Robertson

Senior Project Manager

Mike has 40 years of experience in the construction industry, and 34 years as a project manager. His greatest strength both personally and professionally is his patient persistence; he never gets rattled, but instead stays focused on the goal. He loves the day-to-day satisfaction of homebuilding and the knowledge that the work will be there as a legacy long after he is gone. He absolutely loves driving past a home he built decades ago or by chance meeting a homeowner 20 years after the home was built and hearing their stories about living there.

Mike and his wife, Shay, have been married for 33 years this November. They have two grown children, one is a social worker in Houston, and the other attorney in Chicago. They have done several volunteer projects with their church and other organizations helping families with post-disaster relief following hurricanes and tropical storm events in the Southeast Texas area.  He was the captain of the Texas A and M sailing team and sailed for several years after university; and he started running, cycling, and participating in endurance sports with Shay in 1990. He has completed two Ironman races, about a dozen marathons and ultra-marathons and qualified and participated in the Xterra Off-Road Triathlon World Championship in Maui in 2015.

When he isn’t at work, you will likely find him mountain biking, trail running and woodworking. So you will usually find me in the forest or in my shop.