Tristan Callahan

Support Engineer

Tristan grew up with the world wide web. His first professional IT job at the age of 16 included extracting email and financial data from a target computer to win a court case. This resulted in his first laptop being worth almost as much as his first car. He is a classically trained pianist and has been painting and drawing since high school.

He served as a communications technician, machine gunner, and trauma first responder in Sangin, Afghanistan on a quick reaction team with the 5th Marines. When his unit took some of the heaviest casualties of the war, he proposed to his spouse by mail thinking he wouldn’t live long enough to hear the reply. For the remainder of his time on active duty he worked with biometrics, databases, encryption, and satellite communications in California and Okinawa.

Tristan studied computer engineering, electronics, industrial automation, automotive technology, and art in college.

When not working on cars or computers, he is usually making mixed media art or raiding the inventory of local art stores with his spouse, an engineer and designer he met in preschool.