Causes of Color

Causes of Color

Color can do wonders for the soul. They can be direct reflections of how you are feeling or how you want your room to feel. Each one represents something and, believe or not, there is an exact science behind it. Researchers have spent lots of time studying the correlation between the colors we see and how they effect our emotions. As a result, picking your paint can be more important than you think.

For example, blue purples represent mediation and relaxation. Emerald greens invoke luxury and positivity. Teal symbolizes confidence and sophistication. Now that you have some examples, it is easy to see how important picking the right color is. It can also be fun to decide what kind of mood you want a particular room to portray.

Our brains process information through visualization. The Institute for Color Research claims that we make subconscious judgments about an environment within the first 90 seconds that we see it. That same research says that between 62% and 90% of that judgment is based primarily on color. That is just another reason why you should take your paint choices seriously.

Your best option for bedrooms and bathrooms are cool color schemes. They represent tranquility and relaxation which makes your space the haven it should be. The darker the shade, the more effect it will have on the mood of the room. Blue is the most productive color which makes it perfect for a work space. For the kitchen? Yellow is best because it is energetic and brightens the room up. In the same way, red is a great choice for a dining room or eating area. Researchers have found that the color red is linked with appetite increase.

As you can see, color plays a very important role in your home. It sets the overall tone of how you would like your space to feel while reflecting your personality at the same time. It is amazing how much of what we see effects how we feel. So, next time you decide to paint inside your home, make it reflective of your personality and emotion.