Light Your Fire

Light Your Fire

Here in the south, it is often a long road to colder temperatures. However, it is officially November which means that we are inching farther and farther away from the warm weather. It will still be a while before we can consistently have fires in our fireplaces. Even so, it never hurts to spruce up the hearth of your home.

Especially if you have lived in your house for a long time, your fireplace could probably use an updated look. Over the years we change out decor and furniture, but our fireplaces remain the same. There are some easy ways to change things up that will completely transform your room.

Brick is a standard choice for hearths but can sometimes look outdated. There are many different solutions to change things up if you want to go for a new look. The first is to use a metal surround. These are often separate pieces that are simple and easy to attach. It gives a much more modern feel and in congruence with chic decor can transform a room. The second option to change the look of brick is to paint it. A simple paint job will make things look much more uniform while still keeping a nice texture.

You can also use your fireplace as a way to add height to your room. By extending the mantel, it causes your eyes to take in the space from top to bottom. It also helps if you keep your accessories to a minimum. That way, you and your guests are paying attention to the room as a whole and not the individual decor. Although, it is beneficial to have a focal point in your room, such as a large art piece.

I don’t know about you, but sitting fireside with a blanket and a warm cup of coffee is one of my favorite things to do in the winter. There is something so peaceful about hearing the fire crackle as you take in the smell of the wood burning. Now is the perfect time to spruce things up and make your fireplace the star of the show this upcoming season.