More Than a Dog Door: Custom Features for Fido

More Than a Dog Door: Custom Features for Fido

If we are all honest, we usually go above and beyond for our four-legged friends. We treat them like family members and they live like royalty! Recently, Gabriel Builders teamed up with Link AKC to discuss our favorite custom home features for dogs. Not only are these features useful, but when done the right way, they utilize your space and make your home more organized and efficient for both you and your pet.

Link AKC is the newest innovation on the block for dogs. As a GPS enabled collar, this new technology keeps track of  your pet’s location, activity and health. Furthermore, this collar has features like a built in light for you to keep track of your dog at night. Sound training is also available through the collar and helps reinforce good behavior. Most noteworthy, this technology is conveniently located at your fingertips through an app on your smartphone.

One of our custom homes located in The Cliffs at Mountain Park complete with a built-in feeding station.

Feeding Stations

With all of that in mind, this was the perfect company to get together with and share our love for man’s best friend. Whether you are renovating, building, or moving, it is important to add adequate space for your pets. One of our favorite features is the feeding station. These are a great solution to keeping dog bowls off of the floor and make for an easy clean-up. We all know how messy our pups can be!

Built-In Doghouses

Most people don’t do anything with the space underneath their stairs. Consequently, we have found that this is the perfect spot to put a built-in doghouse. In fact, we put one in our office! Our resident dogs, Moose and Tibi, love it! This feature optimizes your space while creating a cozy escape for your four-legged friend. It fits perfectly into the rest of your home without taking up extra floor space.

Gabriel Builders Showroom at The Village at Mountain Park, The Cliffs Information Center

Moose and Tibi posing for their picture in our office doghouse!

Dog-Washing Stations

Mudrooms, laundry rooms, and garages are the perfect location for dog-washing stations. After a fun day outside, this feature makes for an easy clean-up. No matter how adventurous playtime got, you will never have to worry about messing up your home with this custom station. If you have a small dog, you can create a higher wash for your own convenience, or you can keep it low for them to step right in.

No matter what the occasion, custom features for Fido are the perfect solution to keeping your home dog-friendly. Dedicating space to your canine will make your living areas more efficient and easy to use. Your best friend will thank you!

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